Lecturer, Department of Political Science, Yale University, 2019-

Program Fellow and Academic Advisor, Multidisciplinary Academic Program in Human Rights Studies, Yale College, 2014-



My teaching interests range from critical theory, modern political thought, 20th century European political thought, and democratic theory to international human rights, public international law, European Union law, and the politics of borders, citizenship, and asylum.

I am particularly interested in understanding theoretical arguments as they interact with historical developments in political institutions and legal doctrines, encouraging in students a sensitivity for how normative principles inform and are informed by the rationalities and practical negotiations of public law and, further, how more implicit political commitments are expressed across political practices, law, and cultural life. 




Imagining the Post-national Constitution: Sovereignty and Legitimacy Beyond the Nation-State, Yale College, Fall 2019

Lead instructor

Advanced Human Rights Colloquium, Yale College, Fall 2019

Co-instructor with Prof. James Silk

Critical Theory: The Frankfurt School and Beyond, Yale College, Spring 2020

Lead instructor

Theories, Practices, and Politics of Human Rights, Yale College, Spring 2020

Co-instructor with Ryan Thoreson

Advanced Human Rights Colloquium, Yale College, Fall 2018

Co-instructor with Prof. James Silk

Theories, Practices, and Politics of Human Rights, Yale College, Spring 2018, Profs. Thania Sanchez and Tamar Ezer

Teaching Fellow, student evaluations available here.

Advanced Human Rights Colloquium, Yale College, Fall 2017

Co-instructor with Prof. James Silk

Introduction to International Political Economy, Yale College, Fall 2017, Prof. Didac Queralt

Teaching Fellow, student evaluations available here.

Theories, Practices, and Politics of Human Rights, Yale College, Spring 2017, Profs. Thania Sanchez and Nick Robinson

Teaching Fellow, student evaluations available here.

Advanced Human Rights Colloquium, Yale College, Fall 2016,

Co-instructor with Prof. James Silk

Introduction to International Law, Yale College, Fall 2015, Prof. Thania Sanchez

Teaching Fellow, student evaluations available here.

Introduction to Political Philosophy, Yale College, Spring 2015, Prof. Bryan Garsten

Teaching Fellow (writing-intensive section), student evaluations available here.

Moral Foundations of Politics, Yale College, Fall 2014, Prof. Ian Shapiro

Teaching Fellow (writing-intensive section), student evaluations available here.

Law and Politics of Globalization, Yale College, Spring 2012, Prof. Alec Stone Sweet

Teaching Fellow

International Human Rights Law, Yale College, Spring 2011, Prof. Hope Metcalf

Teaching Fellow


Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness

Student Evaluation Highlights

“Paul made this class come to life for me. He is organized, thoughtful, entertaining, and, most importantly, encouraging. I honestly can’t imagine my experience in this course without such a wonderful Teaching Fellow. He made the learning fun while pushing us individually to fully understand various concepts.”

“Paul was an incredible Teaching Fellow. His comments on my weekly questions and portfolios were so helpful; they allowed me to improve my writing and revise my final essay significantly. His sections were all very engaging. I really benefitted from the way he encouraged us to get deeper in our analysis of the text.”

“I cannot emphasize how wonderful Paul was as a TF. First of all, he is incredibly knowledgeable, but also not intimidating, and made the section a comfortable space for anyone and everyone to participate. When discussion got off topic, he tied it back to the readings we were doing. Also, he was very receptive to his midterm feedback, and started implementing weekly guiding questions to prepare for section to make sure we could have a fruitful discussion (while this added some work to the course, it was extremely informal and well worth it in my opinion). Above all, Paul’s accessibility outside of class was amazing and tailored to our schedules, and he gave of the impression that he could advise on anything related to the course, other political philosophy and political theory, graduate school, and law school. I know his comments on my writing definitely helped me improve over the course of the semester.”

“Paul was fantastic. Knowledgeable, understanding and brilliant at explaining things and making it seem that what we were learning actually mattered.”

“Paul is THE MOST talented and amazing TA I have ever had during my time at Yale. He could have taught the entire course spectacularly. His grasp on the material and his insight into which questions most need grappling with was beyond any other instructor at Yale. I loved this class because of his teaching and looked forward to attending section every week. Moreover, he was very considerate regarding the classroom dynamic and made the section a comfortable space to speak in, and would give opportunities for the quieter members to speak (it was nice especially when he would praise someone’s reading response, especially if that person was shyer in section. I thought that was very considerate and helpful for the section to feel like more of a community.) This has honestly been the only section at Yale I felt was actually productive for my learning — e.g. you’re not just there for participation points and to prove that you’ve done the readings, rather, you’re there because the issues are important and Paul can help guide you through thinking through them in a complex way. Paul also gave very thoughtful and deep feedback on the midterm papers, which I felt exceeded the quality of most comments I have gotten from either professors or TAs throughout my time at Yale.”

“Paul is an amazing TF. He really pushed the students in our section to think constantly about the theory behind our discussions and I think our understanding and takeaways from this class benefitted from his leadership. He always made himself available to meet with students before papers and I really feel like my participation in his section was just as important to my experience of this course as the lectures themselves. He does a particularly good job of making sure that students speak fairly equally in section, which I appreciated.”

“Paul is by far the most excellent TF I have ever had. … He was more like an interesting scholar of the subject, rather than merely a grad student or TF. The questions he posed during section always moved me to [t]hink more deeply and seriously about the issues at hand, and he would continuously take student responses and elevate them by asking more nuanced questions or commentary in response. He was excellent at facilitating conversation and deeply enthusiastic about the material. His feedback on assignments was also always meaningful and pushed us to think more deeply or explore angles we may not have considered. He introduced a high level of analysis into what may have otherwise been a survey course and also made section into a highly intellectual discussion.”

“Paul is the best TA I’ve had at Yale. He was excellent at facilitating discussion, and is extremely knowledgeable about the subject material. He offered profound insights and made the seminar engaging and interesting. He adapted the seminar to current events, tying in the theory that we learned to applicable examples. He was responsive to student feedback and questions. The reading responses allowed for better discussion in section as well. I hope he continues teaching here as Yale needs more TAs and professors like him.”


Access all student evaluations here.


(Image: Zdeněk Sýkora, “Lines 72”, 1990, oil on canvas, detail.)