Nepal Earthquake Relief
On Saturday April 25, Nepal was hit by a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake. The people of Nepal are in dire need of assistance. Yale Himalaya Initiative and the Nepali Association of Yale Affiliates have put together A Call For Action.

NAYA has also collected a set of disaster management documents to aid Nepalis in the recovery effort. Download them here.

For those looking for guidance on mental health support please refer to this manual produced by TPO Nepal. Download them here.

More information about important mental health resources can be found here.

Please visit this google folder if you are part of a university considering fundraising for Nepal, for some helpful resources.

NAYA was successfully registered as a student-run organization on October 21, 2011. Our goal is to bring the Nepali community and others interested (people or groups) in Nepal together. NAYA will also strive to serve as a support system and a networking platform among prospective, present and past Yalies with affiliation to Nepal.