Molly K. Crossman


I am a sixth-year graduate student in clinical psychology at Yale University working with Alan Kazdin. I am also currently completing my doctoral internship at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School.

I am interested broadly in methods of improving mental health on a large scale. Many effective treatments for mental illness are already available, but the vast majority of people suffering still do not receive treatment. My research therefore focuses on three specific themes: 1) ameliorating barriers to treatment, 2) developing new models for delivering existing treatments, and 3) establishing novel and scalable approaches to improving mental health. Much of my graduate research has focused on establishing the benefits of interactions with animals (e.g., therapy animals) and socially assistive robots for mental health (e.g., ameliorating problems with mood, anxiety, and emotional dysregulation). Other recent projects have evaluated attitudinal barriers to treatment-seeking and the effects of mothers’ use of mental state language on children’s social, emotional, and behavioral development. For more information about my work on the effects of interactions with animals and robots, please visit the Innovative Interactions Lab web page.

Before coming to Yale I earned my B.A. in Child Development and Psychology at Tufts University in Medford, MA. At Tufts I worked with Dr. Ann Easterbrooks and Dr. Richard Lerner.