Display software for Mac and iOS

Beamer lets you send Video from non-Airplay Macs to AppleTVs http://www.macworld.com/article/2023617/mac-gems-beamer-streams-video-from-older-macs-to-apple-tv.html QuickRes for the new MacBook w/ Retina Displays – lets you set the resolution to what ever you need it to be, not just the apple provided resolutions I’m thinking in particular of the MediaScapes and large LCDs – 1920×768 is not an offered […]

AirPlay – It’s all the rage!

As iPads are becoming increasingly more popular for teaching and we are getting more support requests, AirPlay has become a hot topic.  There are currently three (3) faculty that have requested using the technology in their classrooms: Stuart Campbell Haig Keshishian Mark Oppenheimer Classroom and Event Services (Pete Monroy),  Faculty Support (Robert Chang), and ITG […]

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