I am a Ph.D. candidate in Management at the Yale School of Management. My current research interests include collaboration networks, strategic management, social networks, economic sociology, and social reproduction of hierarchy. Focusing on social dynamics around networks and hierarchies, I examine diverse empirical settings, ranging from physician networks to venture capital syndication networks to educational settings. For example, in my dissertation projects, I study how past network patterns (more specifically, the content of past collaboration, turn-taking between actors, and role division) affect a variety of outcomes, such as collaboration performance, status attainment, and the formation of reciprocating relationships, in interorganizational networks of venture capital firms and professional networks of physicians. In my projects, I aim not only to make theoretical contributions but also to derive impactful strategic insights and policy implications.

Prior to joining the doctoral program, I received my B.B.A. and M.S. in Management from Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea.


To learn more about my work, please visit my research or curriculum vitae page.

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