Peer Reviewed Publications and Working Papers

Peer Reviewed Publications

“Open Trade, Closed Borders: Immigration Policy in the Era of Globalization.” 2015 (January). World Politics 67(1).

Paper (Gated)(Ungated)
Appendix A: Robustness Checks
Appendix B: Codebook
Replication Data and Code (Hosted by ISPS)

“Trade, Foreign Direct Investment and Immigration Policy Making in the US.” 2014 (Fall). International Organization 68 (4).

Paper (Gated)(Ungated)
Appendix A
Appendix B
Replication Data and Code (Hosted on IO Website)

“Nativism or Economic Threat: Attitudes Toward Immigrants During the Great Recession” (Gated) (Ungated) –with Judith Goldstein, 2014. International Interactions 40(3): 376-401.

Working Papers

“Women-Owned Enterprises, Discrimination, and Global Markets” –with Iain Osgood (under review)

“Emigration and Authoritarian Control” –with Michael K. Miller (under review)

“Immigration, Delegation and International Law” (under review)

“Migration, Politics and Public Goods: Evidence Using New Data from Kerala” – with Rikhil Bhavnani (under review)

“War Financing and the Re-imposition of Serfdom after the Black Death” (under review)

“Inequality and Immigration Policy” (with Adrian Shin)

“Are Policymakers Out of Step with their Constituency when it comes to Immigration?”-with Alexander Tahk

“Immigration Policy, Migrant Labor Market Outcomes, and Preferences for Redistribution” –with Karen Long Jusko and Ashley Lagaron

Working Projects

“Dual Citizenship and Foreign Direct Investment” (with David Leblang)

“Women’s Support for Immigrant Careworkers in Japan, Germany, and the US” (with Frances Rosenbluth)

“Migrant Waves” (with Alisha Holland)

“Do Asylum Seekers Know their Rights” (with Alisha Holland and Thania Sanchez)

“Making the Nation-State: Migration, Social Mobilization, and State-Building in the Long Nineteenth Century” (with Erica Simmons)


Want to help the refugees? Teach migration as part of IR” (Duck of Minerva – 10 September 2015)

“Goods vs. people: Immigration and trade policy in a globalized world” -2016, Elgar Handbook on Migration and Social Policy

“Migration and Trade” – Oxford Handbook on the Political Economy of International Trade, 2015 (Link)

“Migration and Globalization” – Emerging Trends in the Behavioral and Social Sciences, 2015 (Link)

“The Challenges of Comparing Immigration Policies before and after World War II” For the symposium “How to measure immigration policies?” for the Migration and Citizenship Newsletter of APSA, 2013. (Link)

“Can we replicate the European Post-War Transition? Review of International Relations Theory and Regional Transformation” (International Studies Review, 2013)