Quicksearch December Update

Thanks again for to everyone for their continued use and testing of Quicksearch!

Many things have happened in the Quicksearch Project in the last month.  We have rolled out important new features, conducted user studies, and addressed over half of the 100 or so issues reported by you.   For example:

  • Quicksearch can now display special circulation messages generated by Orbis status patrons.
  • Search results in the Articles+ column are now pre-limited to Yale licensed materials, eliminating a major source of confusion in Quicksearch results.
  • Jenn Nolte and Katie Bauer coordinated an initial round of user testing, with help from a number of staff from around the Library system.  More details about the results of the user studies will be available soon.

We still have a lot of work left to do.

For example, we are working to improve relevancy ranking for popular journal titles like ‘Nature,’ ‘New York Times,’ and ‘New England Journal of Medicine’ that are difficult to find in Orbis.  Other improvements currently in progress include:

  • Improved response time.  Thanks to everyone who has reported slow response time; resolving this problem with our Solr index is our number one priority.
  • Displaying all fields in Quicksearch that display in Orbis
  • Identifying Chrome-specific problems with displaying certain non-roman characters
  • Improving the Orbis record extract to include fields like 856 links in MFHD records.

2015 promises to be an exciting year full of anticipated new features: a ‘Resources about Yale’ facet focusing on Yale-oriented special collections, implementation of dynamic statuses from Morris using the Innovative Interfaces API, requesting directly from the Quicksearch interface, and more.

My thanks to all of the members of the Implementation Committee, Discovery Metadata Committee, and numerous volunteer testers who have worked so hard this year on the implementation of Quicksearch.

While we continue moving toward our goals, please understand if our progress slows somewhat during the coming year. The library has several time-sensitive projects moving forward in 2015, and at times other projects will have to take precedence.  Thank you for your patience, continued participation and support.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

–          Kalee

On behalf of the Quicksearch Implementation Team:

Kalee Sprague (Chair)
Lakeisha Robinson (Technical Lead, Ex-Officio)
Katie Bauer
Steve Disorbo
Arcadia Falcone
Yue Ji
Scott Matheson
Jenn Nolte
Bob Rice
Quicksearch Feedback form: https://yalesurvey.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_ePRYbhHrT3D2eEd

Current list of Reported Issueshttp://tinyurl.com/lit-qs-issues-xslx

Current list of Requested Featureshttp://tinyurl.com/lit-qs-requests-xslx


Enhanced Item Status displays in Quicksearch

Quicksearch has now been enhanced to display statuses that are generated by special status patrons. These messages are typically generated when a book is checked out to a special location, for example a library’s New Book Shelf:


Simple Item Status messages have also been enhanced.

Previously, Item Statuses in Quicksearch displayed as one of two values – ”Available” or ”Unavailable”. Item Statuses have now been enhanced to display a greater level of detail. Messages like ”Lost” or ”Checked-out,” for example, now convey more information to users about availability of a title.

via Quicksearch Project | News and Announcements.

Quicksearch beta: Priority Issues to resolve for Soft Roll out

Priority Issues to resolve for Soft Roll out

A small group met this week consisting of Public Services staff and Library IT staff to identify the high priority issues that need to be resolved before we can release Quicksearch Beta for evaluation by students and faculty.

It was generally agreed that we need to put the word ‘Beta’ in as many places as possible, so it’s clear to users that this is a very early version of the interface, and not a finished product.

The specific issues that were identified as requirements for the soft rollout included:

  • Addressing the insertion of the phrase  ‘|DELIM|’ between subfields in the uniform title (240) field display
  • The Articles+ lack of a pre-limit to Yale-only materials
  • The sublineal dot is appearing as a box in some instances – this might affect French, Turkish, South East Asian languages, and more
  • Item Status isn’t accurate, esp. for Patron status messages – items with a status ‘on Arts New Book Shelf’ display as ‘Unavailable’
  • Link directly to the current record in Morris from the item detail page, instead of going to the Morris home page

These are our priorities for the next two weeks.  Right now our goal is to resolve these issues and do a soft release of Quicksearch Beta the first week in November.

Quicksearch Beta Feedback | Quicksearch beta Project

Quicksearch Beta Feedback

Many thanks to everyone who has provided feedback about the Quicksearch Beta interface!

Our favorite feedback message so far:

“YAY QUICKSEARCH BETA! I just ran my old faithful search, “water nepal” and got some slammin results.”

We’ve also received a lot of great suggestions for changes that would make the interface work better.  For example, two staff members suggested linking to the Orbis record, instead of directly into the Orbis Request feature, so that our patrons can access all of our Scan and Deliver, Aeon, and other request options.

That’s just the sort of feedback we’re looking for!

We have already started work reviewing and making changes like this where we can.  You can see the full list of issues reported and new features requested online on our two sharepoint lists:

Reported Issues: http://tinyurl.com/lit-qs-issues-xslx

Requested Features: http://tinyurl.com/lit-qs-requests-xslx

We hope you will continue exploring Quicksearch Beta (http://search.library.yale.edu) , particularly by using it as part of your daily work.  Please report any comments or suggestions you may have via the ‘Feedback’ links in the header and footer of each Quicksearch page.

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