Spotlight on Library IT Staff: Workstation and Technology Services

Following on the staff bios for the Digital Library & Programming group and the newly reorganized Enterprise Systems & Services group, Library IT would like to turn the spotlight on the Workstation & Technology Services group.

Here is a closer look at the members of the Workstation & Technology Services group:

Greg Blasko; Manager, IT Infrastructure & Client Services

An employee of Yale University since 1996, I have spent a majority of my career supporting various technologies in the School of Medicine’s Keck Foundation Biotechnology Resource Laboratory. At Keck, I managed all IT operations including supervising desktop support specialists, providing server support, and designing mission critical FileMaker Pro databases used to manage all financial aspects and laboratory operations of the department. In October of 2013, I joined the Yale University Library and now manage a team of support technicians maintaining the reliability and security of a large computing infrastructure for Library staff and patrons. Some accomplishments during my first 14 months here at YUL include the adoption of ServiceNow as a ticketing system, the reduction of backup overage charges resulting in savings of over $5,600 per month, the successful migration of over 100 workstations from Windows XP to Windows 7, and the establishment of several key relationships between YUL and Central ITS. Some of my favorite off hour activities include skiing, mountain biking, playing guitar and most of all being a dad!

Reon Keller; IT Support Technician

I started working at Yale 2003 as a casual, providing remote access support including but not limited to VPN. In 2008 became a permanent employee for Technical Support. I have a strong background in desktop and mobile device support and networking. With some years under my belt, I now provide technical support throughout YUL. I deliver hands-on support and collaboration in special projects, software training, software upgrade and rollouts, to name a few things.

Frederick Rodriguez; IT Support Technician

Before coming to the Library in 2010, I worked as a researcher in the Department of Immunobiology at Yale Medical School for 7 years. The former 4 years of my work I preformed experiments and analyzed data to look at Stat-6 regulatory gene in a mouse EAE model and the proliferation-activated receptor-y agonists remodeling of human artery induced by allocative T-cells. The latter 3 years, I co-lead the implementation of a database that stored both human and mouse tissues for the Yale JDRF Center. When I joined Workstation and Technology Support unit, I was tasked with converting all of my support units and public computers to Windows 7, and managing Mac computers along with iPads for the library as a whole. I have worked on a few special projects such as Office 2007 training, upgrading AV infrastructure and scanners in public areas, managing the iPad teaching initiative pilot along with ITG, and maintaining a standard computer image both 32- and 64-bit. On my personal time I enjoy running, watching “Newsroom” and “The Big Bang Theory,” eating chocolate :-), drinking wine :-)), and reading about theoretical computation, robotics, biological science, and the latest technology.

Jerzy Grabowski; IT Support Technician, MSSA / Beinecke

As an accomplished Information Technology support professional with over 12 years of comprehensive experience in a multi-site, multi-host, networked environment, I appreciate supporting clients on both sides of the Wall Street tunnel, effectively delivering technical advice to Library personnel. I’m the newest member of the Workstation and Technology Services Staff, starting my career at Yale in January 2013 as temporary employee. Since July 2013, I have supported both Manuscripts and Archives and Beinecke Library staff. It is awesome to work for Yale University Libraries. My pastimes are tennis, skiing and fishing.

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