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nonlinear Luttinger liquid

Nonlinear Luttinger liquid theory

Evaluation of the dynamic structure factors of one-dimensional quantum fluids consisting of particles with real, non-linear dispersion relation is a quite well-known problem. Its existence was appreciated for quite a while, but little progress was made, as the standard approach based on Tomonaga-Luttinger model proved to be frustratingly ineffective. We managed to solve the problem by establishing its relation to the physics of Fermi edge singularity. This relation especially transparent for weakly-interacting fermions,, but may be extended to bosons in one dimension,, Furthermore, the link to the Fermi edge singularity led to the construction of a universal phenomenological theory of nonlinear Luttinger liquid,,; it contains the conventional “linear” theory as a limit. The nonlinear Luttinger liquid theory is reviewed in a comprehensive Rev. Mod. Phys. review article,

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