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mesoscopic electron transport

Quantized conductance of a point contact

-The origin of the conductance quantization (“Adiabatic Electron Transport” theory):

JETP Letters, 48, 238 (1988) [pdf file]

-Nonlinear quantum conductance:

Europhysics Letters, 9, 263 (1989)



Tunneling into low-dimensional correlated electron systems

(metallic nanowires, semiconductor quantum wires and wells, carbon nanotubes)

-Theory of electron tunneling in a diffusive wire (“Electromagnetic Environment” theory):

Phys. Rev. Lett. 64, 3183 (1990) [pdf file]

-Tunneling into ballistic multi-mode wires:

Phys. Rev. Lett. 70, 990 (1993) [pdf file]

-Crossover between ballistic and diffusive regimes:

Phys. Rev. Lett. 87, 246801 (2001) [cond-mat/0106448]

-Friedel oscillation physics of zero-bias anomalies in conduction and tunneling,

one-dimensional systems: Phys. Rev. B 49, 1966 (1996) [pdf file]

two-dimensional systems: Phys. Rev. B 55, 9332 (1997) [pdf file]


Persistent currents

-Joint work with the experimental group of Jack Harris, finally resolving the persistent currents problem in normal-metal rings

A. C. Bleszynski-Jayich, W. E. Shanks, B. Peaudecerf, E. Ginossar, F. von Oppen, L. Glazman, and J. G. E. Harris, Science 326, 272 (2009).

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