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dynamics of low-dimensional quantum fluids

Dynamics of low-dimensional quantum fluids

Dynamical structure factor of Lieb-Liniger model and related physics

Dynamics of excitations in a one-dimensional Bose liquid

Photo-Solitonic Effect

Dynamics of a one-dimensional spinor Bose liquid: a phenomenological approach

Exact exponents of edge singularities in dynamic correlation functions of 1D Bose gas

Phenomenology of One-Dimensional Quantum Liquids Beyond the Low-Energy Limit

One-Dimensional Quantum Liquids: Beyond the Luttinger Liquid Paradigm (a review article, Rev. Mod. Phys.)

Relaxation of a high-energy quasiparticle in a one-dimensional Bose gas

Dynamic response of 1D bosons in a trap


An alternative to Bose condensation for particles having “flat lines” in their dispersion relation

Composite fermion state of spin-orbit coupled bosons

Absence of Bose condensation on lattices with moat bands

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