The Lee Group at ECE Illinois does interdisciplinary research spanning from materials to devices. We aim to establish connections between material growth conditions, material structure at the micro- and nano-scale, optical properties, electronic properties, device design, and device performance. Current areas of interest include:

  • Multi-junction solar cells and solar cell materials
    • Wide-bandgap solar cells for high-efficiency concentrator and space photovoltaics
    • Full-spectrum solar utilization and new strategies for storing solar energy
  • Low-cost, high-efficiency solar cells
    • III-V cell integration on Si
    • Novel, thin-film cell growth and design
  • Epitaxial self assembly techniques for nanocomposite and quantum dot formation
  • Novel III-V lasers
    • Mid-infrared lasers
    • Quantum dot lasers and silicon integration

In addition, we pursue a wide range of work with our amazing collaborators on topics such as: 2D materials, nanomembrane optoelectronics, organic photovoltaics, oxide-semiconductor heterogeneous integration, and quantum/classical optics. All of these are enabled by our expertise in materials growth, device fabrication,  and characterization.

Quantum dot LED on Si
InGaAs quantum dot LED grown on GaP/Si template. MBE growth, device fabrication, and testing by Yuncheng Song (2013).

Research on devices and materials grown by molecular beam epitaxy

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