About this ePortfolio

This ePortfolio is a digital archive that documents my growth as an educator. It functions as an educational blueprint of my experience in and training beyond the classroom. Because of the large amount of documentation that I have regarding my teaching experience, this site serves as a vehicle to showcase my pedagogical formation through the lessons, activities, and multimedia resources that I use with my students. It is my hope that this ePortfolio gives an idea of both what I do in the classroom as well as the critical attention that I put into planning each class .

In this ePortfolio you will find:

  • Teaching statement, curriculum vitae, and specialized courses I have taken in second-language acquisition and teaching methodology.
  • Examples of lesson plans, tasks, activities, syllabi, and pedagogical materials I have designed.
  • Observations both of my classes and of those I have visited.
  • Samples of student work and evaluations.
  • Reflections on specific aspects of language teaching.
  • My research interests.
  • Websites I frequently use in preparing my classes.