Ho Eun Park

Position: Lector

Office: 207A at 143 Elm street

E-mail: hoeun.park@yale.edu

Phone: 414-243-7931

Ho Eun Park obtained her BA in French Linguistics and Literature and MA in Korean Linguistics and Literature at Yonsei University. Her MA thesis focuses on establishing pronunciation contents for French-speaking Korean learners, arranging Korean pronunciation items or phenomenon based on the difficulty of learning in order for more effective Korean teaching. She also acquired a Korean teaching certificate from Yonsei university. She is a PhD candidate in the department of Linguistics at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

She is a linguist and Korean instructor who is especially interested in how people process and acquire sounds and sound patterns. She conducted a research on three contrastive stops in Korean—how English speakers effectively make a contrast on Korean stops. Currently, she is looking at phonological patterns of [h] sounds in various language contexts. As a Korean instructor, she taught Korean language at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and King Sejong Institute in Chicago.