David Malinowski

dave_AAAL2015David Malinowski, Ph.D.
Language Technology & Research Specialist
Center for Language Study
Phone: 203-436-5797
Office: Room B34, Warner House (access from Dow Hall, 370 Temple St.)
Mailing address:
PO Box 208349
New Haven, CT 06520-8349
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With a background in language and literacy education, multimodal communication, and technology-enhanced learning (Ph.D. in Education, UC Berkeley), David conducts research and supports pedagogical innovation at Yale’s Center for Language Study. His background in Korean includes a Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies, three years’ experience in the U.S. and South Korean nonprofit sectors, and advanced language study at Seoul National University’s Language Education Institute (언어교육원). He has taught Korean in the Korean Studies program of the Intercultural Institute of California, and tutored Elementary and Intermediate Korean at UC Berkeley. Further, he holds a Master’s in English with a specialization in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MA TESOL, San Francisco State University); this background informs his communicative and engaged approach in the Korean language classroom.

David’s publications, projects, and workshops address such technology-related topics as internet-mediated intercultural language learning (telecollaboration) and course sharing with videoconferencing, on the one hand, and intersections between urban sociolinguistics and community-based language learning, on the other. Selected publications include:

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  • Malinowski, D. (2015). Opening spaces of learning in the linguistic landscape. Linguistic Landscape: An International Journal, 1(1), 95-113.
  • Malinowski, D., & Kramsch, C. (2014). The ambiguous world of heteroglossic computer-mediated language learning. In A. Blackledge & A Creese (Eds.), Heteroglossia as practice and pedagogy (pp. 155-178). Boston, MA: Springer.
  • Malinowski, D. (2010). “Showing seeing in the Korean linguistic cityscape,” in Barni, Monica, Eliezer Ben-Rafael and Elana Shohamy (Eds.), Linguistic landscape in the city. Multilingual Matters, pp. 199-215.
  • Malinowski, D. (2009). “Authorship in the Linguistic Landscape: A Multimodal-Performative View,” in Durk Gorter & Elana Shohamy (eds.), Linguistic landscape: Expanding the scenery, London: Routledge, pp. 107-125.