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GOTT-Complete List

How Do You Like Your Blue-Eyed Boy, Ms.Death?   2/20/2008
McCain and Torture   2/13/2008
A Defense of Fallibilism in the Epistemology of Religious Beliefs   1/10/2008
The Thoughts of One Signatory to “Loving God and Neighbor Together”   11/28/2007
Maher Arar Hearing   10/19/2007 [WBM]
More on the U.S.’s Recent History of Torturing   10/4/07 [WBM]
The CIA...   9/17/07 [WBM]
“Mother Teresa’s Crisis of Faith,”   8/29/07 [WBM]
NY Times story: “Interrogation Methods Are Criticized”; Plus some even better on-line pieces   5/30/07 [WBM]
PEW Surveys: 1. Young American Muslims on Suicide Bombing; 2. Do U.S. Christians Think of Themselves as Americans First or as Christians First?  5/24/07 [WBM]
Republican Candidates Debate Torture   5/19/07 [WBM]
Philosophers discuss Christian colleges   5/10/07 [WBM]
Beckwith and the ETS   5/7/07 [WBM]
Adams on “Illiberal Winds” in the Anglican Communion   4/29/07 [WBM]
A Couple of Blogs   3/20/07 [WBM]
Christ and Horrors   3/14/07 [WBM]
“E-Word” Links   3/10/07 [WBM]
Ten Steps   2/25/07 [WBM]
Calvinism comments temporarily closed; My days in the Corps   2/21/07 [WBM]
Election—but no reprobation?   2/18/07 [WBM]
Calvinism — A Report (“All’s Quiet”) from the Philosophy Front   2/14/07 [WBM]
The Frowns on the Jugglers and the Clowns   12/30/06 [WBM]
Gregory MacDonald, “Can an Evangelical be a Universalist?”   11/21/06 [WBM]
“Heretics” on Public Radio   11/17/06 [WBM]
Philosophy of Religion Rankings   11/10/06 [WBM]
Hot Air, Indeed (Updated 11/16)   11/5/06 [WBM]
VP Cheney on Our “Fairly Robust Interrogation Program” (Updated 10/27, 10/30, 11/3)   10/26/06 [WBM]
An Interview with “The Evangelical Universalist”   10/25/06 [WBM]
An Hour – Plus a Few Minutes – of “Little Ease”   10/24/06 [WBM]
The F-Word — and the E-Bomb?   10/19/06
“Who Are We Now?”   10/18/06
The Soul of American Evangelical Christianity   10/9/06
The Soul of Our Nation   10/7/06
Cooper in Africa   10/4/06 [WBM]
Recently Passed Torture Bill   9/30/06 [WBM]
Update: Trying a 20-inch-wide “Cell”   9/24/06 [WBM]
Our “Rough Treatment” Technique of the Day   9/22/06 [WBM]
My Recent Posts on Universalism here…   7/25/06 [WBM]
Follow-Up to “Hoping that Universalism Is / Will Be True”   7/24/06 [WBM]
Kierkegaard’s Own Words   7/12/06 [WBM]
Help with a Kierkegaard Quotation?   7/6/06 [WBM]
The Evangelical Universalist and “the ethos in some evangelical circles”   6/30/06 [WBM]
Underground Universalism?   6/8/06 [WBM]
Hoping that Universalism Is / Will Be True   6/6/06 [WBM]
“The Problem with Universalism”?   5/27/06 [WBM]
“Should We Believe in God?” Debate at Amherst College   2/25/06
Christianity and Postmodernism I: Reply to McLaren   11/11/05
Wheaton Conference: “Philosophers Think About Heaven and Hell”   9/11/05
Just An Observation…   9/9/05

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