Karatekin Lab Alumni


Joerg Nikolaus, PhD

Associate Research Scientist






Vladimir Shteyn, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate




Jie Zhu, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate


BrettBrett Alcott, MA, M.Phil

Joint PhD student at Yale University and
Columbia University with Ben O’Shaughnessy



Lu Ma, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate


HarveyHarvey F. Chin, PhD

Joint Postdoctoral Research Associate at
Yale and Columbia University with Ben O’Shaughnessy




MarthaBraun_240kb_600pixMartha Braun, B.Sc.

Postgraduate Associate

Currently a student in the BBSB program of the graduate school of arts and science at Yale.




WensiVennekateWensi Vennekate, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow






Vladimir Polejaev, PhD
Current position: Yale West Campus Analytical Core, Director, Imaging