Yale University Activites and Committees

Fellow of Ezra Stiles College, 1981-

Applied Mathematics Committee, 1981-1985

Freshman Advisor, 1981-1989

University-wide Committee to define position of, and appoint, new Registrar, 1985

University-wide Committee on the Economic Status of the Faculty, 1987; Chairman, 1988-1990

University-wide Truman Fellowship Committee, 1989-1990

University-wide Committee on Social Thought and Public Philosophy, 1989-1990

University-wide Goldwater Fellowship Committee, 1991-1992

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Review Committee, Spring 1992

University Budget Committee, 1992-1993; 1993-1994

University-wide Committee on Mathematics Instruction, 1993-1994; 1994-1995; fall 1995

Yale Tenure Review Committee, 1995-1996

University-wide Social Sciences Senior Appointments Committee, 1994-191996

Fellow, Institute for Social and Policy Studies, 1992-2000

Fellow, International Center for Finance, School of Management, 1999-

University-wide Natural Sciences Senior Appointments Committee, 2000-

University-wide Committee on Cooperative Research, 2000-

University-wide Committee on Junior Faculty Fellowships in Social Sciences, 2000-2003

University-wide Committee on Tenure Appointments for Physical Sciences and Engineering, 2002

University-wide Committee on Junior Faculty Fellowships in Social Sciences, 2003

Senior Research Fellow, International and Area Studies, 2004-

Ethics, Politics and Economics Advisory Committee, 2004

Physical Sciences and Engineering Committee, 2004