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Graduate Student Advising

Here is a list of students on whose dissertation committees I have served:*

Jessie Munton (Yale, 2017), chair

Carlotta Pavese (Rutgers, 2013), chair
Joshua Armstrong (Rutgers, 2013), co-chair with Jeffrey King and Ernest Lepore
Blake Roeber (Rutgers, 2013)
Gabriel Greenberg (Rutgers, 2011) co-chair with Jeffrey King,
Karen Lewis (Rutgers, 2011)
Will Starr (Rutgers, 2010) co-chair with Ernest Lepore
Iris Oved (Rutgers, 2009) chair
Jonathan Ichikawa (Rutgers, 2008)
Sam Cumming (Rutgers, 2007) co-chair with Ernest Lepore
Adam Sennet (Rutgers, 2006) co-chair with Ernest Lepore
Hanna Kim (Michigan, 2006) co-chair with Peter Ludlow
Eric Hiddleston (Cornell, 2002)
Susan Brower-Toland (Cornell, 2001)
Jessica Wilson (Cornell, 2001)
Susanna Siegel (Cornell, 1999)
Chris Sturr (Cornell, 1998)

Class Information, Fall 2017

Flint, Michigan: Racism, Settler Colonialism, and Neo-Liberalism, a case study of Language and Power

Handout for first class, September 2, 2016

Class Information, Spring 2016

Propaganda, Ideology, and Democracy, Philosophy 177, Ethics, Politics, and Economics 494

Provisional Syllabus:


Graduate Seminar: Knowledge and Action

Handout 1

Handout 2