Research Opportunities

Interested parents

E-mail, or call the Center at 203-436-1415

Interested in Graduate Studies in Social and Cognitive  Development?

We may have 1 or 2 positions available for intellectually committed graduate students interested in conducting research in the lab’s areas of interest (see Dr. Wynn’s research page). The lab is equipped with state of the art computer equipment. Each graduate student has a desk in an office within the lab. Students in the lab also have the opportunity to work closely with other developmental and cognitive labs in the psychology department, including:

The Social Cognitive Development Lab
directed by Dr. Yarrow Dunham
The Mind and Development Lab
directed by Dr. Paul Bloom
The Canine Cognition Center
directed by Dr. Laurie Santos
The Cognition and Development Lab
directed by Dr. Frank Keil
The Computation and Cognitive Development Lab
directed by Dr. Julian Jara-Ettinger

To work in the lab as a graduate student, you must be admitted to the Psychology Department. Students accepted into the PhD program in psychology are guaranteed 5 years’ full support with a very competitive stipend. See the Psychology Department Graduate Program website for more information about graduate study. If you are interested in applying to the graduate program and working in the Infant Lab, email Dr. Karen Wynn at

Interested in Our Summer Internship Program?

We are no longer accepting applications for Summer 2018.

Internship Opportunity: Interns will work closely with lab researchers on new and ongoing studies, participating fully in all aspects of the research process. Interns will become familiar with experimental methods used in infant studies, and will immediately become involved in recruiting and testing participants, designing and setting up studies, and coding and analyzing results. They will also attend a weekly lab meeting where we discuss the theoretical motivation for our studies, experimental data, and relevant research findings from other labs.

In addition, interns will have the chance to learn about and interact with other developmental psychology labs at Yale, and attend sessions organized by professors and graduate students on topics such as applying to graduate school. Interns are encouraged to join graduate students and other researchers from across the department in fun activities such as barbecues, bowling, trivia karaoke nights.

Internship Requirements: The internship will involve a minimum commitment of 20 hours per week. Undergraduate students at all stages and from all universities, around the world, are welcome to apply. The internship is best suited to students interested in pursuing graduate studies in developmental, social, or cognitive psychology. This is a volunteer position, but it is encouraged to apply for outside funding from one’s own university, and we are happy to support these applications.

To receive an application and further information, please email Clarise Ballesteros at

Interested in Being an Undergraduate Research Assistant?

Yale undergraduate students can gain valuable research experience in the Infant Cognition Lab, as volunteers or as Research Assistants for course credit. Undergraduates working in the lab are involved in all aspects of our research. Following a brief training in the methods and procedures we use to train our infant subjects, students immediately become involved in the actual testing of infants, as well as in the planning of experiments, the creation of experimental stimuli, and the day-to-day running of the lab. Students also attend weekly lab meetings in which we discuss the theoretical motivation for current experiments, results of recently completed experiments, possible next directions, and relevant research findings from other labs, among other things. As an undergraduate in the lab, you will acquire both a practical understanding of experimental techniques and principles that can be obtained only through hands-on research experience, and an appreciation of the theoretical issues addressed by our research. If this interests you and you would like to learn more about the opportunities currently available, please email the lab manager at