Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this research?
The purpose of our research is to learn more about the development of young infants and their early knowledge about the world. We are interested to in how babies think and reason about their surrounding environment during their early months of life.
What is the research going to be used for?
Our studies will most likely be published in academic journals on child development. Since we’re interested in the development of children in general, we do not compare one child’s performance to another’s. We look for common, innate, or developmental patterns among a group of babies. No information about individual babies is released. All the data we collect in the center is confidential, and only group results are published.
What does it mean if my baby doesn’t do what you’re expecting?
Not all babies perform in the same way — there are a lot of individual differences among babies and it’s only when we study large groups of babies that we start seeing patterns emerging. We cannot draw meaningful conclusions by simply looking at the performance of one baby, as anything might cause a child to behave in a particular way on a particular day.
Are you sure the free parking spot will be available?
We have a big sign that is placed over the parking meter that indicates that the space is reserved and that all unauthorized vehicles will be towed. We also monitor the space from the center, and in the event that someone does park there (it happens) we call to have them towed. Additionally, sometimes an appointment before you might be running a bit late, although we do everything we can to ensure this doesn’t happen. If there is a car in the spot at your appointment time, we will come down with change to put you at another meter. If for some reason this doesn’t happen, please call us at 203-436-1415.
Who will see the video?
All tapes are confidential, and will only be seen by members of our research team.
Can I get my baby’s results?
Actually, we do not give out results for individual babies, because as expressed above, findings are only meaningful at the group level. Every fall, however, we send out a newsletter (click here for our latest newsletter) that gives updates for all the studies we’ve been running that year.
Can I stay with my baby during the course of the study?
Of course! Your child will be on your lap or right next to you for the entire visit.
Can I bring other children with me?
We have a play room and will arrange to have someone here as a babysitter. Please let us know if you will be bringing siblings, so we can be sure to have someone on hand.
How long will each visit be?
Each study takes about 15 minutes. However, in order to explain the study and familiarize your child to the environment, a visit to the center usually takes about 30 minutes.
I work. What are the center’s hours?
The center is generally open Monday-Friday, 9-5, all year round. We also have evening appointments available for working parents.
What if my baby gets fussy?
If your baby gets fussy during the experiment, we will stop and take a short break and then resume when your baby is more comfortable. Or, we can stop altogether at any time you like. Our intention is for babies to have as much fun as possible!
Do I have to come back for a follow-up visit?
If you choose to participate in a study, there is no obligation to come back for another one. Each study involves a specific age group and is a one-time visit. However, if you are interested in returning more than once, we can keep your name in our database and call you when your child is old enough for the next study.
Will we be paid for our participation?
Unfortunately, we cannot offer any monetary compensation. Your child will receive a certificate and a small thank-you present at each visit.
What should I do if I need to cancel?
If you need to cancel, please contact us over email or call the center at 203-436-1415.