Monthly Archives: November 2017

New Haven Urban Diagram

In what part of New Haven is the Goffe Street Armory located? What are the neighboring land-uses around the Armory property? How might the existing fabric of institutions, businesses, and open spaces in the area inform how to plan for and envision the Armory’s future? How might reviving the Goffe Street Armory building impact changes … Continue reading New Haven Urban Diagram

The Meadow Street Armory and the City Beautiful

Meadow Street Armory postcards from the Marianne Mazan Estate Sale at 613 Chapel Street on Saturday November 4, 2017 Please feel free to contribute your own thoughts on the urban context of the Goffe Street Armory in the comment section below, and subscribe to the Excavating the Armory email list for updates on this project … Continue reading The Meadow Street Armory and the City Beautiful