Select Presentations


Gender, Rights and the Roles of Women, Yale Law School, Oct. 21
Governance and Welfare in the MENA, MESA Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Oct. 12
Egypt’s Impact on Maghreb Political Dynamics, CSIS, Washington, DC Sept. 16
Air Strikes Over Syria? Yale University, Sept. 10
Egypt’s Future, The Daily Circuit, Minnesota Public Radio, July 11
Benghazi and Libya’s Future, Renaissance Weekend, Jackson, WY July 5
New Realities of the ME, Renaissance Weekend, Jackson, WY, July 5
What’s Next in the ME?, Renaissance Weekend, Jackson, WY, July 4
Lessons from the LPES, US-Libyan Business Assn, Washington, DC June 27
The Arab Silent Majority, Council on Foreign Relations, Washington, DC, June 27
Results of the Libya Post-Election Survey (LPES), NDI, Washington, DC, June 27
Critical Issues in Arab Transitions, USAID, Washington, DC, June 27
Libya Post-Election Survey: Key Results, Libya Working Group, Washington, June 26
Critical Issues in Arab Transitions, IRI, Washington, DC, June 26
Critical Issues in Arab Transitions, State Dept, Washington, DC, June 26
Democracy in the Arab World? India-Yale Leadership Program, Yale, June 20
First Two Years of Arab Transitions, FSI, Washington, DC, June 4
Jordan: Kingdom of Crisis or Stability? FSI, Washington, DC, June 4
First Two Years of Arab Transitions, World Bank, Washington, DC, June 3
First Two Years of Arab Transitions, UNDP, New York, NY, May 31
Islam, Identity and Transition, NDI, Washington, DC, May 30
First Two Years of the Arab Transition, Freedom House, Washington, DC, May 29
Ideology, Identity and Arab Transitions, Carnegie, Washington, DC, May 28
Parties, Polarization and Democratic Development in the ME, POMEPS, DC, May 24
Democracy and Post-Transition Arab World, POMEPS Plenary, DC, May 23
Voting Acts, Workshop on Hybrid Elections, Bergen, Norway, May 11
Ideology, Identity and Transition in the Arab Spring, CMI, Bergen, Norway, May 7
Social Networks and Elections, Straus Institute, Apr. 8
Observations on the July 7th Election, NDI Forum, Tripoli, Libya Mar. 3
Comparative Electoral Systems and Engagement, NDI Forum, Tripoli, Libya, Mar. 2
What Difference Does a Revolution Make? Michigan State University, Feb. 18
Workshop on Parties and Democratization, University of Chicago, Feb. 16
Clientelism and Elections, Middle East Workshop, George Washington U, Feb. 12
Panel on Elections in North Africa, POMEPS, George Washington U, Feb. 11
Clientelism in Uncertain Times, Harriman Institute, Columbia University, Feb. 7

Presentation of Initial Results, Tunisian Post-Election Survey, CEMAT, Tunis, Dec. 11
Discussant, Egypt’s Uprisings, Kevorkian Center, NYU, Nov. 30
Social Networks and Election Law, Constitutional Transitions Workshop, NYU, Nov. 28
Multiple Meanings of Elections, Law, Politics and Economics Workshop, NYU, Nov. 27
Multiple Meanings of Elections, MESA Annual Meeting, Denver, Nov. 18
Voting in Authoritarian and Transitional Elections, AUC, Cairo, Nov. 10
Gender and Voting in Egyptian Elections, Cairo University, Nov. 9
Secularism, Islamism, and Democracy, Ford Foundation, Cairo, Nov. 9
Voting in Authoritarian and Transitional Elections, Univ. of Aarhus, Oct. 31
Secularism, Islamism and Democracy, Danish Institute for International Studies, Oct. 30
Why Islamists Win, Danish Foreign Policy Society, Copenhagen, Oct. 29
Secularism, Islamism and Transitions, Carsten Niebuhr Institute, Copenhagen, Oct 29
Secularism, Islamism and Democracy, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oct. 29
Social Networks and Elections, Straus Institute, NYU Law School, Oct. 24
Ideology and Transitions in the MENA, Leadership Conference, Brown Univ., Oct 1
Political Participation in the MENA, Northwestern Michigan College, Sept. 20
The People are Speaking, but What are They Saying?, IAC, Traverse City, MI Sept. 20
Women and the Arab Spring, League of Women Voters, Leland, MI, Sept. 19
Survey Interviewer Training (in Arabic), Tunis, Tunisia, Sept. 12
Five Myths about Arab Spring, Yale-India Parliamentary Leadership Program, June 22
Elections Research after the Arab Uprisings, George Washington University, May 29
Revolt and Reform in North Africa, Portland State University, April 25
Cash or Kin? Portland State University, April 25
Cash or Kin? North East Middle East Political Science Workshop, Princeton, March 9
Cash or Kin? American University of Cairo, Cairo, March 1
The Arab Uprisings, Plenary Session Keynote, Conference on Democracy, Oslo, Jan 13

Women, Tribes and Ruling Parties, Middle East Studies Assn, Washington, DC Dec. 3
Stability of the Authoritarian State? Middle East Studies Assn, Washington, DC, Dec. 2
Women and Challenges of Transition, Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Tunis, July 1
From Tahrir: Revolution or Democratic Transition? AUC, Cairo, June 4-6
Book Workshop, George Washington University, May 26
POMEPS Conference, George Washington University, May 20-21
Activism in the Middle East Conference, Stanford University, May 12-13
CT Hedge Fund Assn/Yale School of Management, Stamford, CT, May 5
Teach-in on Unrest in the MENA: Syria, Yale University, April 28
Project on Middle East Politics Panel on Democracy, Washington, DC, April 27
Association of Yale Alumni, Bergen County, NJ, April 14
Workshop in Comparative Research, University of Michigan, April 8
Converse-Miller Lecture, University of Michigan, April 7
Midwest Political Science Association Conference, Chicago, IL March 31
Teach-In on Unrest in the Middle East and North Africa, Yale University, Feb. 8
Workshop on Challenges to Democracy in Divided Societies, Duke, Jan 28-29.

UNDP Experts Workshop on Governance in Conflict-Affected States, Nov. 9
Workshop in Middle East Studies, NYU, Nov. 5.
African Studies Association – UK Biennial Conference, Sept 16-19.
American Political Science Association Annual Conference, Sept. 2-5.
World Congress on Middle East Studies, Barcelona, Spain, July 19-24.
Association of Yale Alumni, Jacksonville, FL, June 17.
Workshop on Establishing Order, Istanbul, Turkey July 16-18.
Workshop, Mobilization in the Arab World, American University of Cairo, May 21-23.
Conference on Reform in the Arab World, Stanford University, May 9-12.
Comparative Politics Workshop, University of Chicago, May 5.
Comparative Politics Workshop, SUNY-Albany, April 28.
Northeastern ME Politics Workshop, Harvard University, March 19-21.

Yale ASA Panel on Obama and the ME, November 11.
Yale World Fellows Seminar, November 11.
Donor Election Retreat, Addis Ababa, May 25.
Association of Yale Alumni Meeting, Houston, TX, April 25.
Association of Yale Alumni Meeting, San Antonio, TX, April 24.
ECPR Workshop, Lisbon, Portugal, April 14-19.
Midwest Political Science Association Meeting, Chicago, IL, April 4.
Islam Awareness Week Panel Discussion, Yale University, April 1.
New England ME Politics Workshop, Cornell University, March 27-28.
Department of Political Science, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey, March 13.
Comparative Politics Workshop, Princeton University, February 12.
Conference on Social Transformations and Governance, Yale, January 30-31.