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Getting Started

Are you interested in learning more about the Digital Humanities? Perhaps you are already engaging technology in your humanities research, but you would like to learn more. Here you will find readings and information about ways to build and different forms of support. The list below is primarily aimed at those who are just getting started. Or you can just dive in!



  • Ray Siemens and Susan Schreibman. A Companion to Digital Literary Studies. (2013). Open access version available.
  • Matthew K. Gold (ed.) Debates in the Digital Humanities. (2012) Open access version available.
  • Anna Burdick, Johanna Drucker, Peter Lunenfield and Todd Pressner. Digital_Humanities. (2012) Open Access version available.
  • Neil Fraistat. “The Question(s) of Digital Humanities.” (2011) Available on the MITH blog.
  • Matthew G. Kirschenbaum. “What is Digital Humanities and What’s It Doing in English Departments?” (2010) Available online courtesy of ADE Bulletin and Kirschenbaum.
  • Tom Scheinfeldt. “Stuff Humanities Like: Defining Digital Humanities by its Values.” (2010) Check out this article on his blog.
  • Patrik Svensson. “The Landscape of Digital Humanities.” (2010) Available on DHQ.