I have served as teaching assistant and section leader for graduate courses in quantitative research methodology, comparative politics, and international relations. These courses include:

  • “Foundations of Statistical Inference” with Peter Aronow (Yale, spring 2018)
  • “The Design and Analysis of Randomized Field Experiments” with Alex Coppock (Yale, spring 2017)
  • “Advanced Quantitative Methods” with Allan Dafoe (Yale, fall 2014)
  • “Political Institutions and Public Policy” with Tarek Masoud (Harvard, spring 2011)
  • “Middle Eastern Politics and Policy” with Tarek Masoud (Harvard, spring 2010)
  • “International Relations: Theory and Practice” with Stephen Walt and Matthew Baum (Harvard, fall 2010)

Select teaching evaluations from Ph.D.-level methods courses, “The Design and Analysis of Randomized Field Experiments” and “Advanced Quantitative Methods”:

  • Daniel was a fantastic Teaching Fellow. Daniel’s sessions were very helpful in illuminating difficult concepts in the course and aided in my understanding of coding and data analysis. Daniel is one of the best Teaching Fellow’s that I have had at Yale, and I appreciate the time and effort that he put into his work as a teacher.
  • While it is probably less taught, and more innate, I thought Daniel’s generally calm demeanor was quite helpful, especially for a room full of people who were often quite unsure of what they were learning from lecture. Given that he’s only 1 or 2 years removed from being a student in this class, his ability to be authoritative, yet respectful, to his peers as an authority on the subject was also much appreciated. Lastly, the code and answers he presented were well documented, and were helpful for further study as well as determining what went wrong on individual’s homework.
  • Extremely accessible for and open to questions; excellent knowledge of material and, perhaps more importantly, excellent awareness of what students needed to know for departmental requirements and to engage in the field more broadly.

More teaching evaluations (pdf)

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