My research examines the politics of refugee populations focusing on the impacts of humanitarian aid on political violence and how social networks shape local governance in refugee communities. I have designed and managed multiple surveys in Lebanon and experimental focus-group research in Lebanon and Jordan. I conducted 20 months of fieldwork in Lebanon, and have lived and worked in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and Yemen for nearly five years. I have conducted research in partnership with the World Bank, International Rescue Committee, and the UN Refugee Agency.

Working Papers

  1. Refugee Networks and Cooperation. Evidence from a Social-Network Experiment with Syrian Refugees in Lebanon and Jordan.” (Online Appendix) (Audio vignettes: Audio and subtitles)
  2. Humanitarian Aid and Civil War. Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Syrian Refugees in Lebanon.” With Christian Lehmann. Under review. (Online Appendix)
  3. “An Economic Theory of Anti-Refugee Violence” With Christian Lehmann.

Policy Publications

  1. Syrians in the Middle East: The Lives and Livelihoods of Refugees and Their Hosts. The World Bank. Forthcoming. With Nandini Krishnan, Tara Vishwanath, Monica Biradavolu, Kevin Carey, Matthew Groh, Meghan Lucas, Nethra Palaniswamy, Flavio Russo Riva, Dhiraj Sharma, Thomas Ginn and Jacob Goldston.
  2. ‘Giving More’ Through Direct Cash Aid.Refugees Deeply. July 20, 2016.
  3. Giving Better: Lessons from Cash Grants for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon.” AUB IFI Policy Brief. 2015. Also published in Arabic.
  4. “Impact Evaluation of the 2014-15 Winter Cash Assistance Programme for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon.” UNHCR. September 2015. With Khalil El Asmar.
  5. Impact Evaluation of a Cash-Transfer Programme for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon.Field Exchange. November 2014. With Christian Lehmann.
  6. Emergency Economies: The Impact of Cash Assistance in Lebanon.” International Rescue Committee report. September 2014. With Christian Lehmann.
  7. “An American Dream: The Broken Iraqi Refugee Resettlement Program and How to Fix It.” Harvard Kennedy School Review. Spring 2010.

Book Reviews

  1. Book review for Noel Brehony’s Yemen Divided and Christopher Boucek and Marina Ottaway’s Yemen on the Brink. International Affairs. May 2012.

Work in Progress

  1. “Network Recruitment Experiments: Causal Inference in Social Networks and Groups of Known or Unknown Network Structure.”
  2. “Humanitarian Aid, Network Centrality, and Spillovers: A Field Experiment in Leveraging Networks to Increase Positive Spillovers.” (Research Design.) With Maria Micaela Sviatschi.
  3. “Estimating Individual-level Effects in Network Experiments with Spillover.” With Peter Aronow and Forrest Crawford.

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