img_0442I am a PhD candidate in Political Science at Yale University.  During 2015-2016 I was a visiting researcher at the American University in Beirut’s Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs. I specialize in comparative politics and international relations, with a regional focus on the Middle East.

In my work I apply a variety of methods, including statistical analysis, qualitative field work, and survey research, to study refugees, exile, and displacement; collective action; conflict and political violence; and humanitarian aid.

In my research on refugee crises, cooperation, and public goods provision, I study how social network structure affects refugee communities’ responses to collective problems. (Paper: Refugee Networks and Cooperation)

In related research, I study the relationship between humanitarian aid and violent conflict. I explore the conditions under which humanitarian aid to refugee populations exacerbates, alleviates, or has no effect on conflict. (Paper: Humanitarian Aid and Civil War)

A number of media outlets have covered my work, including The New York Times, The New York Review of Books, BBC World Service, The Wall Street Journal, TIME, Reuters, the Independent, the Daily Mail, IRIN, The Daily Star (Lebanon), and Vox.

I hold a BA from Bates College and an MPP from Harvard’s Kennedy School.


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