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[Scholarship] New Scholarship on Administrative Law & Regulation (52nd installment)

Judicial Review

Robert L. Glicksman & Emily Hammond, The Administrative Law of Regulatory Slop and Strategy (June 2019) [SSRN]

Paul Daly, Facticity: Judicial Review of Factual Error in Comparative Perspective (June 2019) [SSRN]

Kristin E. Hickman, SOPRA? So What? Chevron Reform Misses the Target Entirely (June 2019) [SSRN]

Paul Daly, The Irish Courts and the Administrative State (June 2019) [SSRN]

Beau Baumann & Greg Mina, Clowning Around with Final Agency Action (June 2019) [SSRN]

Hanna Wilberg, Judicial Review of Administrative Reasoning Processes (May 2019) [SSRN]

Mark Aronson, Judicial Review and the Charter (April 2019) [SSRN]

Kristin E. Hickman & Mark Thomson, The Chevronization of Auer (April 2019) [SSRN]

Jeffrey A. Pojanowski, Neoclassical Administrative Law (June 2019) [SSRN]


Executive Department

Bijal Shah, Executive Administration (June 2019) [SSRN]

John C. Harrison, Executive Power (June 2019) [SSRN]

Lawrence J. Trautman, Presidential Impeachment: A Contemporary Analysis (June 2019) [SSRN]

Ben Miller-Gootnick, Boundaries of the Federal Vacancies Reform Act (May 2019) [SSRN]

Catherine Y. Kim & Amy Semet, An Empirical Study of Political Control Over Immigration Adjudication (April 2019) [SSRN]

Richard J. Pierce, The Scope of the Removal Power Is Ripe for Reconsideration (April 2019) [SSRN]

Michael Asimow, Gabriel Bocksang Hola, Marie Cirotteau, Yoav Dotan & Thomas Perroud, Between the Agency and the Court: Ex Ante Review of Regulations (April 2019) [SSRN]

Shalev Roisman, Presidential Factfinding (March 2019) [SSRN]


Legislation/Statutory Interpretation

Ittai Bar-Siman-Tov & Gaya Harari-Heit, The Legisprudential and Political Functions of Temporary Legislation (June 2019) [SSRN]


Administrative Independence

Terence Daintith, Government Companies as Regulators (April 2019) [SSRN]

Daniel E. Chand, Protecting Agency Judges in an Age of Politicization: Evaluating Judicial Independence and Decisional Confidence in Administrative Adjudication, 49(4) The American Review of Public Administration 395–410 [SAGE Journals]


Administrative History

Sophia Z. Lee, Our Administered Constitution: Administrative Constitutionalism from the Founding to the Present (June 2019) [SSRN]

Paul P. Craig, English Administrative Law History: Perception and Reality (June 2019) [SSRN]

Julian Davis Mortenson, Article II Vests Executive Power, Not the Royal Prerogative (2019) [SSRN]

Julian Davis Mortenson, The Executive Power Clause (June 2019) [SSRN]

Daniel R. Ernst, The Shallow State: The Federal Communications Commission and the New Deal (May 2019) [SSRN]


Modes of Governance and Regulation

Bridget C.E. Dooling, Expanding OIRA Review to IRS (June 2019) [SSRN]

Evan C. Zoldan,  Delegation to Nonexperts (June 2019) [SSRN]

Jeroen van der Heijden, Risk Governance and Risk-Based Regulation: A Review of the International Academic Literature (June 2019) [SSRN]

Aaron Nielson, The Policing of Prosecutors: More Lessons from Administrative Law? (May 2019) [SSRN]

Fabiana Di Porto & Mariateresa Maggiolino, Algorithmic Information Disclosure by Regulators and Competition Authorities (April 2019) [SSRN]

Barry Sullivan & Christine Kexel Chabot, The Science of Administrative Change (April 2019) [SSRN]

Maria Ponomarenko, Rethinking Police Rulemaking (March 2019) [SSRN]


Public Administration

Joe Tomlinson, Three Fixable Flaws in The Courts and Tribunals (Online Procedure) Bill (June 2019) [SSRN]

Kohei Suzuki & Hyunkang Hur, Bureaucratic structures and organizational commitment: findings from a comparative study of 20 European countries, Public Management Review (June 2019) [SSRN]

Joe Tomlinson, The User-Preference Principle in Administrative Justice (May 2019) [SSRN]

Anthony M. Bertelli & Kathleen Doherty, Setting the Regulatory Agenda: Statutory Deadlines, Delay and Responsiveness (May 2019) [SSRN]

Victoria Wang, Mark Button & David Shepherd, The Barriers to the Opening of Government Data in the UK – A View From the Bottom (May 2019) [SSRN]

Monika Zalnieriute, Lisa Burton, Janina Boughey, Lyria Bennett Moses, Sarah Logan, From Rule of Law to Statute Drafting: Legal Issues for Algorithms in Government Decision-Making (May 2019) [SSRN]

Michael Veale & Irina Brass, Administration by Algorithm? Public Management Meets Public Sector Machine Learning (April 2019) [SSRN]

Carol Harlow & Richard Rawlings, Proceduralism and Automation: Challenges to the Values of Administrative Law (April 2019) [SSRN]


The Public/Private Divide

Danielle C. Jefferis, Constitutionally Unaccountable: Privatized Immigration Detention (April 2019) [SSRN]


Financial Regulation

M. Al Guindy, James P. Naughton & Ryan Riordan, The Chilling Effect of Regulation FD: Evidence from Twitter (May 2019) [SSRN]

Emilios Avgouleas & Charles Goodhart, Bank Resolution 10 Years From The Global Financial Crisis: A Systematic Reappraisal (June 2019) [SSRN]

Andrew Schmulow, Regulating the Regulator: Improving Consumer Protection Under a Twin Peaks Regulatory Framework (April 2019) [SSRN]

Anita Anand, The Enforcement of Financial Market Crimes in Canada and the United Kingdom (March 2019) [SSRN]


EU Administrative Law

Gianluca Sgueo, Transparency in the EU Institutions – An Overview (June 2019) [SSRN]

Giuliano G. Castellano & Genevieve Helleringer, The Social Psychology of Financial Regulatory Governance (June 2019) [SSRN]

Marta Migliorati, Relying on agencies in major European Union legislative measures, West European Politics (May 2019) [Taylor & Francis Online]

Ioannis Asimakopoulos, Single Resolution Board: Another Meroni Extension or Another Chapter to Europe’s Constitutional Transformation? (May 2019) [SSRN]

Madalina Busuioc & Dovilė Rimkutė, Meeting expectations in the EU regulatory state? Regulatory communications amid conflicting institutional demands, Journal of European Public Policy (April 2019) [SSRN]


Global Regulation/ Global Governance

Guy Fiti Sinclair, Beyond Accountability? Human Rights, Global Governance, and the World Bank Inspection Panel (June 2019) [SSRN]

[Scholarship] New Scholarship on Administrative Law & Regulation (48th installment)

New Books

Dean R. Knight, Vigilance and Restraint in the Common Law of Judicial Review (Cambridge University Press, 2018) [Website]

Gianluca Sgueo, Games, Powers and Democracies (Bocconi University Press, 2018) [Website]

Hermann-Josef Blanke & Ricardo Perlingeiro, The Right of Access to Public Information: An International Comparative Legal Survey (Springer, 2018) [Website]


Accountability & Decision-making Processes

Ellen Rock, Fault and Accountability in Public Law (June 2018) [SSRN]

Donald J. Kochan, Reason-Giving, Rulemaking, and the Rule of Law (June 2018) [SSRN]

Han Zhu & Fu Hualing, Transparency As an Offence: Rights Lawyering for Open Government Information in China (June 2018) [SSRN]

Richard J. Aldrich & Daniela Richterova, Ambient accountability: intelligence services in Europe and the decline of state secrecy, 41(4) West European Politics 1003-1024 (2018) [Taylor & Francis Online]


Judicial Review

E. Garrett West, A Youngstown for the Administrative State (June 2018) [SSRN]

Evan D. Bernick, Envisioning Administrative Procedure Act Originalism (June 2018) [SSRN]

Swati Jhaveri, The Survival of Reasonableness Review: Confirming the Boundaries (May 2018) [SSRN]


Executive Department

Aditya Bamzai, The Attorney General and Early Appointments Clause Practice (June 2018) [SSRN]

Edward Morgan-Jones & Petra Schleiter, Presidential influence on parliamentary election timing and the electoral fate of prime ministers, 24(3) Journal of Legislative Studies 211-226 (2018) [Ingenta Connect]

Daniel Jacob Hemel & David Kamin, The False Promise of Presidential Indexation (June 2018) [SSRN]


Legislation/Statutory Interpretation

Josh Chafetz, The Brennan Lecture: The Separation of Powers and the Public (June 2018) [SSRN]

Richard Primus, ‘The Essential Characteristic’: Enumerated Powers and the Bank of the United States (June 2018) [SSRN]

Laura Dolbow, Agency Adherence to Legislative History (June 2018) [SSRN]

Farah Peterson, Interpretation as Statecraft: Chancellor Kent and the Collaborative Era of American Statutory Interpretation (June 2018) [SSRN]


Modes of Governance and Regulation

Jim Rossi & Hannah Jacobs Wiseman, Constrained Regulatory Exit in Energy Law (June 2018) [SSRN]

Benjamin M Chen, What’s in a Number: Arguing About Cost-Benefit Analysis in Administrative Law (June 2018) [SSRN]


Public Administration

Michael Simkovic & Miao Ben Zhang, Measuring Regulation (June 2018) [SSRN]

Samuel Mutarindwa, Dorothea Schäfer & Stephan Andreas, The Impact of Institutions on Bank Governance and Stability: Evidence from African Countries (June 2018) [SSRN]

Aaron Nielson, How Agencies Choose Whether to Enforce the Law: A Preliminary Investigation (June 2018) [SSRN]

Joshua R Bruce, John M. de Figueiredo & Brian S. Silverman, Public Contracting for Private Innovation: Government Expertise, Decision Rights, and Performance Outcomes (June 2018) [SSRN]


Environmental Law & Regulation

Ole W. Pedersen, The Culture of Environmental Law and the Practices of Environmental Law Scholarship (May 2018) [SSRN]


Financial Regulation

Anita Anand & Andrew James Green, Cross-Country Securities Enforcement as An Example of Pro-Cyclical Regulation (June 2018) [SSRN]

Julia Körding & Beatrice Scheubel, Liquidity Regulation, the Central Bank and the Money Market (June 2018) [SSRN]

Philipp Maume & Mathias Fromberger, Regulation of Initial Coin Offerings: Reconciling US and EU Securities Laws (July 2018) [SSRN]

Howell E. Jackson & Talia B. Gillis, Fiduciary Duties in Financial Regulation (June 2018) [SSRN]

Eric C. Chaffee, Securities Regulation in Virtual Space (June 2018) [SSRN]


EU Administrative Law

Elisabetta Cervone, The European Banking Authority in Light of the CJEU Jurisprudence: The Case of Innovative Payment Services (July 2018) [SSRN]

Gianluca Sgueo, The Institutional Architecture of EU Anti-Fraud Measures: Overview of a Network (June 2018) [SSRN]

Joan Solanes Mullor, Linking EU and National Agencification Processes: A Growing Need to Overcome Inconsistencies (May 2018) [SSRN]

[Scholarship] New Scholarship on Administrative Law & Regulation (47th installment)

New Books

Anne Twomey, The Veiled Sceptre: Reserve Powers of Heads of State in Westminster Systems (Cambridge University Press, 2018) [Website]

Paul Tucker, Unelected Power: The Quest for Legitimacy in Central Banking and the Regulatory State (Princeton University Press, 2018) [Website]

Pauline Westerman, Outsourcing the Law: A Philosophical Perspective on Regulation (Edward Elgar, 2018) [Website]


Accountability & Decision-making Processes

Louis J. Virelli & Ellen S. Podgor, Secret Policies (May 2018) [SSRN]

Robert R. Kuehn, Addressing Bias in Administrative Environmental Decisions (May 2018) [SSRN]

Randy Beck, Promoting Executive Accountability Through Qui Tam Legislation (April 2018) [SSRN]


Judicial Review

The Hon Joseph T Robertson QC, Administrative Deference: The Canadian Doctrine That Continues to Disappoint (May 2018) [SSRN]

Amanda Sapienza, Judicial Review of Non-Statutory Executive Action: Australia and the United Kingdom Reunited? (April 2018) [SSRN]

Jason N. E. Varuhas, Administrative Law and Rights in the UK House of Lords and Supreme Court (April 2018) [SSRN]

Christopher J. Walker, Administrative Law Without Courts (April 2018) [SSRN]

David M. Driesen, Judicial Review of Executive Orders’ Rationality (April 2018) [SSRN]

Mark Seidenfeld, The Long Shadow of Judicial Review (April 2018) [SSRN]


Executive Department

Erik M. Jensen, The Foreign Emoluments Clause (May 2018) [SSRN]

Yan Campagnolo, The Political Legitimacy of Cabinet Secrecy (May 2018) [SSRN]

Mark Seidenfeld, A Process-Based Approach to Presidential Exit (April 2018) [SSRN]

Josh Blackman, Presidential Speech (April 2018) [SSRN]


Legislation/Statutory Interpretation

Adam Perry, Strained Interpretations (May 2018) [SSRN]

Abbe R. Gluck & Richard A. Posner, Statutory Interpretation on the Bench: A Survey of Forty-Two Judges on the Federal Courts of Appeals (May 2018) [SSRN]

Jarrod Shobe, Agency Legislative History (May 2018) [SSRN]

Anya Bernstein, Democratizing Interpretation (April 2018) [SSRN]



Justin Weinstein-Tull, State Bureaucratic Undermining (May 2018) [SSRN]

Huyen Pham & Van H. Pham, Subfederal Immigration Regulation and the Trump Effect (May 2018) [SSRN]


Administrative Independence

Peter Conti-Brown & David T. Zaring, The Foreign Affairs of the Federal Reserve (May 2018) [SSRN]


Modes of Governance and Regulation

Jude Browne, The Regulatory Gift: Politics, regulation and governance, in Regulation & Governance (May 2018) [Wiley Online]

Iris H-Y Chiu, An Institutional Theory of Corporate Regulation (May 2018) [SSRN]

Jerry Ellig, Why and How Independent Agencies Should Conduct Regulatory Impact Analysis (April 2018) [SSRN]

Anthony Niblett, Regulatory Reform in Ontario: Machine Learning and Regulation (April 2018) [SSRN]


Public Administration

Rory Van Loo, Regulatory Police (May 2018) [SSRN]

Tapas Kundu & Tore Nilssen, Delegation of Regulation (April 2018) [SSRN]

K. Sabeel Rahman, Reconstructing the Administrative State in an Era of Economic and Democratic Crisis (April 2018) [SSRN]


EU Administrative Law

Herwig C.H. Hofmann, Delegation, Discretion and the Duty of Care in the Case Law of the Court of Justice of the European Union (April 2018) [SSRN]


Comparative Administrative Law

Giacinto della Cananea, The ‘Common Core’ of Administrative Laws in Europe: A Research Agenda (May 2018) [SSRN]

[Scholarship] New Scholarship on Administrative Law & Regulation (46th installment)

New Book

Peter John, How Far to Nudge? Assessing Behavioural Public Policy (Edward Elgar, 2018) [Website]


Special Issue

University of Pennsylvania Asian Law Review, Special issue on Chinese administrative law (2018) [ALR website]


Accountability & Decision-making Processes

Clint Wallace, Congressional Control of Tax Rulemaking (March 2018) [SSRN]

Emily S. Bremer, The Exceptionalism Norm in Administrative Adjudication (March 2018) [SSRN]


Judicial Review

Matthew Lewans, Administrative Constitutionalism and the Unity of Public Law (March 2018) [SSRN]

Luis Inaraja Vera, Delayed Judicial Review of Agency Action (March 2018) [SSRN]

Paul Daly, Updating the Procedural Law of Judicial Review of Administrative Action (March 2018) [SSRN]

Daniel P. Tokaji, Beyond Repair: FEC Reform and Deadlock Deference (March 2018) [SSRN]


Executive Department

Stephen M. Griffin, Presidential Impeachment in Partisan Times: The Historical Logic of Informal Constitutional Change (April 2018) [SSRN]

Eloise Pasachoff, Controlling Agencies through the President’s Budget Process (April 2018) [SSRN]

Mark Nevitt, The Operational and Administrative Militaries (April 2018) [SSRN]

David Super, A Hiatus in Soft-Power Administrative Law: The Case of Medicaid Eligibility Waivers (March 2018) [SSRN]

Catherine Y. Kim, The President’s Immigration Courts (March 2018) [SSRN]

Manning G. Warren, The Deconstruction of the Administrative State: Its Judges in Jeopardy (March 2018) [SSRN]

Daniel A. Farber, Lincoln, Presidential Power, and the Rule of Law (March 2018) [SSRN]


Legislation/Statutory Interpretation

James R. Maxeiner, Failures of American Methods of Lawmaking in Historical and Comparative Perspectives (April 2018) [SSRN]


Administrative History

Maggie McKinley, Petitioning and the Making of the Administrative State (March 2018) [SSRN]

Conor McCormick, Judicial Review of Administrative Action in the United Kingdom: The Status of Standards between 1890 and 1910 (March 2018) [SSRN]


Modes of Governance and Regulation

D. Bruce Johnsen, Coasean Cost-Benefit Analysis of Financial Regulation: The Fiduciary Standard (April 2018) [SSRN]

Karen Lynch Shally, Post Crisis Regulation of Residential Mortgages in Ireland and Spain – a Tale of Two Spheres (April 2018) [SSRN]

Eithan Kidron, Understanding Administrative Sanctioning As Corrective Justice (April 2018) [SSRN]

Jonathan S. Masur & Eric A. Posner, Norming in Administrative Law (March 2018) [SSRN]

Robert L. Glicksman & David L. Markell, Unraveling the Administrative State: Mechanism Choice, Key Actors, and Regulatory Tools (February 2018) [SSRN]

W. Kip Viscusi, The Fatal Failure of the Regulatory State (February 2018) [SSRN]


Public Administration

Liang Ma and Tom Christensen, Mapping the evolution of the central government apparatus in China, International Review of Administrative Sciences (April 2018) [SAGE journals]

Daniel Walters, Capturing Regulatory Agendas? An Empirical Study of Industry Use of Rulemaking Petitions (March 2018) [SSRN]

Stephen Daly, Public Law in the Tribunals and the Case for Reform (March 2018) [SSRN]

Susan C. Morse, Government-to-Robot Enforcement (March 2018) [SSRN]


The Public/Private Divide

Ingrid V. Eagly & Joanna C. Schwartz, Lexipol: The Privatization of Police Policymaking (April 2018) [SSRN]

Eric J. Boyer & David M. Van Slyke, Citizen Attitudes Towards Public–Private Partnerships, The American Review of Public Administration (April 2018) [SAGE Journals]

Yseult Marique & Steven Van Garsse, Public-Private Co-Operation and Judicial Review – A Case Study Drawn from European Infrastructure Projects (March 2018) [SSRN]


Environmental Law & Regulation

Robert L. Glicksman, The Firm Constitutional Foundation and Shaky Political Future of Environmental Cooperative Federalsim (April 2018) [SSRN]

Daniel A. Farber, Three Essays on Climate Law (March 2018) [SSRN]

Mark Drumbl & Kateřina Uhlířová, Actors and Law-Making in International Environmental Law (February 2018) [SSRN]


Financial Regulation

Harpal Hungin & Scott James, Central Bank Reform and the Politics of Blame Avoidance in the UK, in New Political Economy (March 2018) [Taylor & Francis Online]

H. Anthony Park, The Essential Principles for an Active Securities Regulation of Cryptocurrency (March 2018) [SSRN]


Global Regulation/ Global Governance

Paul Mertenskötter & Richard B. Stewart, Remote Control: Treaty Requirements for Regulatory Procedures (March 2018) [SSRN]

Giuliano G. Castellano & Marek Dubovec, Global Regulatory Standards and Secured Transactions Law Reforms: At the Crossroad between Access to Credit and Financial Stability (March 2018) [SSRN]

[Scholarship] New Articles on Administrative Law & Regulation (44th installment)

New Books

Francesca Bignami and David Zaring, Comparative Law and Regulation: Understanding the Global Regulatory Process (Edward Elgar, paperback 2018) [Website]

Jon D. Michaels, Constitutional Coup: Privatization’s Threat to the American Republic (Harvard University Press, 2017) [Website]

Christopher Ansell & Jacob Torfing (eds.), Handbook on Theories of Governance (Edward Elgar, paperback 2017) [Website]

Graham Bullock, Green Grades: Can Information Save the Earth? (MIT Press, 2017) [Website]


Accountability & Decision-making Processes

Matthew Brooker & Michael A. Livermore, Centralizing Congressional Oversight (February 2018) [SSRN]


Judicial Review

Nicholas R. Parrillo, Jerry Mashaw’s Creative Tension with the Field of Administrative Law (January 2018) [SSRN]

Mark Elliott, Through the Looking-Glass? Ouster Clauses, Statutory Interpretation and the British Constitution (January 2018) [SSRN]

John C. Reitz, Deference to the Administration in Judicial Review (January 2018) [SSRN]

Joe Tomlinson, Do We Need a Theory of Legitimate Expectations? (January 2018) [SSRN]

Joe Tomlinson, Crowdfunding and Public Interest Judicial Review: A Risky New Resource for Law Reform (January 2018) [SSRN]

David M. Driesen, Reasonableness Review of Executive Orders (December 2017) [SSRN]

Catherine M. Sharkey, Cutting in on the Chevron Two-Step (December 2017) [SSRN]


Executive Department

Victoria Nourse, Reclaiming the Constitutional Text from Originalism: The Case of Executive Power (January 2018) [SSRN]

J. B. Ruhl & James E. Salzman, Presidential Exit (January 2018) [SSRN]

Thomas M. Poole, The Strange Death of Prerogative in England (January 2018) [SSRN]

Ilya Somin, Obama’s Constitutional Legacy (December 2017) [SSRN]


Legislation/Statutory Interpretation

Andreu Casas, Matthew Denny & John Wilkerson, More Effective than We Thought: Accounting for Legislative Hitchhikers Reveals a More Inclusive and Productive Lawmaking Process (January 2018) [SSRN]


Administrative Independence

Roberta Romano, Does Agency Structure Affect Agency Decisionmaking? Implications of the CFPB’s Design for Administrative Governance (February 2018) [SSRN]


Modes of Governance and Regulation

Luke Butler & Tony Prosser, Rail Franchises, Competition and Public Service (January 2018) [SSRN]

David Hasen, Rules, Standards and Detection (January 2018) [SSRN]


Public Administration

Oliver James & Carolyn Petersen, International rankings of government performance and source credibility for citizens: experiments about e-government rankings in the UK and the Netherlands, 20 Public Management Review 469 (2018) [Taylor & Francis Online]

Thomas Groll, Sharyn O’Halloran & Geraldine McAllister, Delegation and Administrative Lobbying in Rule-Making (December 2017) [SSRN]


The Public/Private Divide

Lukas van den Berge, Rethinking the Public-Private Law Divide in the Age of Governmentality and Network Governance: A Comparative Analysis of French, English and Dutch Law (January 2018) [SSRN]

Donal Nolan, A Public Law Tort: Understanding Misfeasance in Public Office (2017) [SSRN]


Environmental Law & Regulation

Catherine J. Iorns Magallanes, Access to Environmental Justice for Maori (2017) [SSRN]


Financial Regulation

Heidi Mandanis Schooner, Big Bank Boards: The Case for Heightened Administrative Enforcement (January 2018) [SSRN]

Christine I. Wiedman & Chunmei Zhu, Do the SEC Whistleblower Provisions of Dodd-Frank Deter Aggressive Financial Reporting? (January 2018) [SSRN]

Luca Enriques, Financial Supervisors and Regtech: Four Roles and Four Challenges (January 2018) [SSRN]

Douglas W. Arner, Janos Nathan Barberis & Ross P. Buckley, FinTech and RegTech in a Nutshell, and the Future in a Sandbox (January 2018) [SSRN]


Global Regulation/ Global Governance

Alexia Brunet Marks, The Right to Regulate (Cooperatively) (January 2018) [SSRN]

[Scholarship] New Articles on Administrative Law & Regulation (40th installment)

New Books

Susan Rose-Ackerman, Peter L. Lindseth, & Blake Emerson (eds.), Comparative Administrative Law, 2nd Edition (Edward Elgar, 2017) [Website]

Herwig C.H. Hofmann & Jacques Ziller (eds.), Accountability in the EU: The Role of the European Ombudsman (Edward Elgar, 2017) [Website]


Accountability & Decision-making Processes

Chad G. Marzen, Public Records Denials (August 2017) [SSRN]


Judicial Review

Kristin E. Hickman & Nicholas R. Bednar, Chevron’s Inevitability (September 2017) [SSRN]

James D. Ridgway & David S. Ames, Misunderstanding Chenery and the Problem of Reasons-or-Bases Review (August 2017) [SSRN]

Jonathan M. Coady, The Time Has Come: Standard of Review in Canadian Administrative Law (August 2017) [SSRN]

John C. Eastman, The President’s Pen and the Bureaucrat’s Fiefdom (July 2017) [SSRN]

Urja Mittal, Litigation Rulemaking (June 2017) [SSRN]


Executive Department

Jerry Louis Mashaw & David Berke, Presidential Administration in a Regime of Separated Powers: An Analysis of Recent American Experience (August 2017) [SSRN]

Joel P. Trachtman, Terminating Trade Agreements: The Presidential Dormant Commerce Clause versus a Constitutional Gloss Half Empty (August 2017) [SSRN]

Daniel A. Farber, Presidential Administration Under Trump (August 2017) [SSRN]

Todd F. Gaziano & John Yoo, Presidential Authority to Revoke or Reduce National Monument Designations (August 2017) [SSRN]

James F. Blumstein, Regulatory Review by the Executive Office of the President: An Overview and Policy Analysis of Current Issues (August 2017) [SSRN]

Jean Galbraith, Making Treaty Implementation More Like Statutory Implementation (July 2017) [SSRN]


Legislation/Statutory Interpretation

Abbe R. Gluck, Congress, Statutory Interpretation, and the Failure of Formalism: The CBO Canon and Other Ways that Courts Can Improve on What They are Already Trying to Do (July 2017) [SSRN]


Administrative Independence

Deirdre Curtin, ‘Accountable Independence’ of the European Central Bank: Seeing the Logics of Transparency, 23 European Law Journal 28 (2017) [Ingenta Connect]


Modes of Governance and Regulation

Cary Coglianese, The Limits of Performance-Based Regulation (August 2017) [SSRN]

Robert W. Hahn & Andrea Renda, Understanding Regulatory Innovation: The Political Economy of Removing Old Regulations Before Adding New Ones (August 2017) [SSRN]

Robert Knowles, Warfare As Regulation (August 2017) [SSRN]

Michèle Finck, Blockchain Regulation (August 2017) [SSRN]


Public Administration

Miriam Seifter, Further from the People? The Puzzle of State Administration (August 2017) [SSRN]

Stephen Daly, Oversight of HMRC Soft Law: Lessons from the Ombudsman (July 2017) [SSRN]


The Public/Private Divide

William J. Moon, Contracting Out of Public Law (August 2017) [SSRN]


Environmental Law & Regulation

Alastair Neil Craik, Environmental Assessment: A Comparative Legal Analysis (August 2017) [SSRN]


Financial Regulation

Dirk A. Zetzsche, Ross P. Buckley, Douglas W. Arner & Janos Nathan Barberis, Regulating a Revolution: From Regulatory Sandboxes to Smart Regulation (August 2017) [SSRN]

Howell E. Jackson & Jeffery Y. Zhang, Private and Public Enforcement of Securities Regulation (2017) [SSRN]

Scott E. Harrington, Systemic Risk and Regulation: The Misguided Case of Insurance SIFIs (July 2017) [SSRN]


EU Administrative Law

Merijn Chamon & Valerie Demedts, Constitutional Limits to the EU Agencies’ External Relations (September 2017) [SSRN]

Julian Nowag & Xavier Groussot, From Better Regulation to Better Adjudication? Impact Assessment and the Court of Justice’s Review (August 2017) [SSRN]

Albert Sanchez-Graells, Against the Grain? – Member State Interests and EU Procurement Law (August 2017) [SSRN]


Global Regulation/ Global Governance

Gianluca Sgueo, Converging Methods of Governance at the Supranational Level. The Role of Civil Society Coalitions (July 2017) [SSRN]

[Scholarship] New Articles on Administrative Law & Regulation (38th installment)

Accountability & Decision-making Processes

Christopher J. Walker, Modernizing the Administrative Procedure Act (May 2017) [SSRN]

Edward Stiglitz, Delegating for Trust (April 2017) [SSRN]

Aaron Nielson, Sticky Regulations (April 2017) [SSRN]


Judicial Review

Reeve T. Bull & Jerry Ellig, Judicial Review of Regulatory Impact Analysis: Why Not the Best? (April 2017) [SSRN]

Ronald M. Levin, Rulemaking and the Guidance Exemption (April 2017) [SSRN]


Executive Department

Bijal Shah, Toward an Intra-Agency Separation of Powers (May 2017) [SSRN]

David A. Wirth, Executive Agreements Relying on Implied Statutory Authority: A Response to Bodansky and Spiro (May 2017) [SSRN]

Patricia L. Bellia, Faithful Execution and Enforcement Discretion (April 2017) [SSRN]

Bérénice Boutin, Administrative Measures in Counter-Terrorism and the Protection of Human Rights (April 2017) [SSRN]

Daphna Renan, The Law Presidents Make (April 2017) [SSRN]


Legislation/Statutory Interpretation

Frank H. Easterbrook, The Absence of Method in Statutory Interpretation, 84 U. Chi. L. Rev. 81 (2017) [Website]

Abbe R. Gluck, Congress, Statutory Interpretation, and the Failure of Formalism: The CBO Canon and Other Ways That Courts Can Improve on What They Are Already Trying to Do, 84 U. Chi. L. Rev. 177 (2017) [Website]


Modes of Governance and Regulation

Wendy E. Wagner, William F. West, Thomas Owen McGarity & Lisa Peters, Dynamic Rulemaking (May 2017) [SSRN]

Richard J. Pierce Jr., The Regulatory Budget Debate (April 2017) [SSRN]

Matthew C. Turk, Regulation by Settlement (April 2017) [SSRN]

Sarah E. Light, Advisory Nonpreemption (April 2017) [SSRN]

Jessika van der Sluijs, Regulatory Impact Assessment – The Swedish Example (April 2017) [SSRN]

Delcianna Winders, Administrative License Renewal and Due Process — A Case Study (April 2017) [SSRN]

Emily S. Bremer, The Agency Declaratory Judgment (April 2017) [SSRN]


Environmental Law & Regulation

Alex Wang, Explaining Environmental Information Disclosure in China (April 2017) [SSRN]


Financial Regulation

John Crawford, Lesson Unlearned?: Regulatory Reform and Financial Stability in the Trump Administration (April 2017) [SSRN]

Lauren E. Willis, The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Quest for Consumer Comprehension (April 2017) [SSRN]

Colleen Baker, Christine Cumming & Julapa Jagtiani, The Impacts of Financial Regulations: Solvency and Liquidity in the Post-Crisis Period (April 2017) [SSRN]

Anita K. Krug, The Other Securities Regulator: A Case Study in Regulatory Damage (April 2017) [SSRN]


Global Regulation/ Global Governance

Peter L. Lindseth, Technology, Democracy, and Institutional Change (May 2017) [SSRN]


Call for Papers: WG Hart Legal Workshop 2017 [Abstract deadline: 31 December 2016]

The attached Call for Papers for the WG Hart Legal Workshop 2017 (‘Law, Society and Administration in a Changing World’) may be of interest to this Blog’s readers.


[Scholarship] New Articles on Administrative Law & Regulation (33rd installment)

Accountability & Decision-making Processes

Anya Bernstein, Agency in State Agencies: Variable Distribution and Accountability Structures (July 2016) [SSRN]

Keiran Hardy & George Williams, Executive Oversight of Intelligence Agencies in Australia (June 2016) [SSRN]

John W. Patty & Ian R. Turner, Ex Post Review and Expert Policymaking: When Does Oversight Reduce Accountability? (May 2016) [SSRN]

Daphna Renan, The FISC’s Stealth Administrative Law (June 2016) [SSRN]


Judicial Review

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