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with Dr. Joe Palca, NPR Science Correspondent

In collaboration with the Poynter Fellowship in Journalism, CNSPY hosted Joe Palca, Ph.D., science correspondent for National Public Radio (NPR) for a seminar on science communications and small group discussion about careers in science communications on Friday, October 23rd.  The seminar was also sponsored by GPSS, Yale Center for Teaching and Learning, and YJBM and attended by over 45 members of the Yale community, with 15 staying on for the small group discussion with Joe Palca and Bob Bazell, former NBC science correspondent and Yale adjunct professor. 

The seminar opened with a short presentation by Joe Palca on the impact and influences of science communications and his new project, ‘Joe’s Big Idea.’  For those who did not get a chance to attend, here is a take-home message – practice! The only way to get good at something in this case science communications is to try it.  Joe Palca offered an opportunity to become a ‘Friend of Joe Palca’ and contribute science stories for ‘Joe’s Big Idea’ Facebook page.  If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, email Other opportunities around campus include ‘Science in the News’ by the Science Diplomats, GPSS’s TED-like talks or ‘Open Labs’, and joining CNSPY’s communications team.

Joe Palca 2015

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