Leadership Team (2017-2018)

President: Lydia Hoffstaetter

Lydia is a graduate student in Neuroscience, whose main research interests are the molecular mechanisms of temperature sensation in hibernating mammals.



Vice-President: Nidhi Vishnoi

Nidhi is an associate research scientist with research interests in understanding the cell biology of Ciliopathies and CRISPR-based Gene Therapy.



Director of Communication: Catherine Deatherage

Catherine is a post-doc with research interests in biochemical reconstitution, membrane biology, and membrane protein trafficking.

Director of Public Relations: Qianni (Jenny) Cheng

Qianni (Jenny) Cheng is a postdoctoral associate in the Department of Pharmacology. Her research is focused on orphan receptor tyrosine kinases and their functions in health and diseases. Outside the lab, Jenny enjoys exploring places and trying new things.


Director of Business: Anand Narayanan

Anand Narayanan is a postdoctoral associate with research interests in identifying novel human mutations underlying cardiovascular and metabolic disorders and generating disease models using CRISPR/Cas9 with the aim of developing therapeutics.

Director of Events: to be confirmed

Board members

Sandra Martinez, Kristen Murfin, Supriya Kulkarni, Amaleah (Leah) Hartman, Sampada Chande, Mary Grace Velasco, Arunima Chaudhuri, Edward Doherty, Elena Gonzalo Gil

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