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CNSPY is recruiting new board members!

CNSPY recruits talented and motivated STEM graduate students and postdocs at Yale to drive the growth and development of the organization. Members of the leadership team engage in a variety of activities ranging from business development, communications and public relations, brand management, program management and event organization, while also recruiting career mentors and faculty advisors. These activities provide challenging opportunities for personal and professional growth and skill development and will allow you to build an extensive professional network of peers and mentors while having fun with a creative and collaborative team.

Candidates may apply for the following open positions:

Communications Team Project Manager (Multiple positions open): Be a part of CNSPY leadership and maintain the professional image of CNSPY. Communicate with our membership via  the blog, newsletter, podcast (SPYcast) and email correspondences. Acquire first-hand experience in communication, project management, teamwork and leadership.

Events Team Project Manager (Multiple positions open): Be an integral part of the CNSPY leadership while also having the opportunity to connect with career mentors. You will acquire highly marketable skills in communication, teamwork, project management and leadership.

Business Team Project Manager (Multiple positions open): Being a part of the business team will put you in charge of our funding resources and of establishing new opportunities for sponsorship.

PR Team Project Manager (Multiple positions open): You will be involved in maintaining and improving the CNSPY recognition, promoting CNSPY events and elevating the group to a well-known campus-wide brand.

To apply please download the application form and submit the completed form via email to . 


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