CNSPY Annual Networking Event 2016

CNSPY organized the 5th Annual Networking Event (ANE) on the evening of November 7th, 2016, and it was attended by over 100 graduate students and postdoctoral associates from Yale. ANE connects attendees with career mentors from scientific professions for networking and learning about companies and career paths. This year’s event featured 21 career mentors from diverse science professions, including biotech industry, technology transfer, consulting, medical writing, science policy, academic teaching, and academic administration.

The event opened with a brief introduction. Ira Kuckic, CNSPY President, spoke about the CNSPY mission and members, and the event was introduced by Supriya Kulkarni, CNSPY Director of Events. Following this were 3 rounds of small group discussions that lasted 30 minutes each. Each small group discussion was led by two career mentors in similar fields at different organizations. These short discussions covered a variety of topics, such as how the mentor got involved in their field, work-life balance, and ways to gain necessary experience. After small group discussions, there was an unstructured networking time that allowed attendees to connect to mentors and other attendees that they were unable to meet during small group discussions.

Also during the event, 4Catalyzer held a recruiting session for three open positions at their Guilford location. Attendees were able to meet the recruiters and ask questions about the open positions and the company. For more information about 4Catalyzer and their job postings, click HERE.

ANE 2016 was generously co-sponsored by 4Catalyzer, Elsevier, Pfizer, and the Office of Career Services. The CNSPY team would like to thank all of the sponsors, career mentors, and volunteers that made this event possible!

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More information about ANE2016 can be found here

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