Our Story

Established in late 2011, the Career Network for Student Scientists and Postdocs at Yale (CNSPY) is a student- and postdoc-run organization committed to advancing careers of STEM PhDs by building a strong professional network, increasing the visibility of diverse career paths, creating opportunities for skill diversification and promoting collaboration. You can learn more about our mission and goals here.

Our members refer to us as “the Career Network” or “C N Spy”. We like and own both our nicknames and you are welcome to pick whichever you prefer.

CNSPY’s leadership team works tirelessly to provide an extensive array of events and programs for skill development and information sharing about a variety of careers while providing innumerable opportunities for members to expand their professional networks.

Please continue to explore our site to learn about our leadership team, membersprograms and more.

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●    [ CNSPY new blog ] Leave Them Wanting More
●    [ CNSPY workshop ] LinkedIn Workshop for Scientists (9/27/16)
●    [ workshop ] Software Engineering Employer Networking Event (9/26/16)
●    [ Scholarship ] P.E.O. Scholar Award program (10/20/16)
●    Seminar ] Forging Your Own Trail from Yale  (9/24/16)
●    [ Job opportunities ] Postdoctoral Fellow (Immediate)
●    [ Job search ] Academic Job Search Series 
●    [ Fellowship ] Hellman Fellowship in Science and Technology Policy (1/6/17)
●    [ Training opportunities ] Business of Biotech by YEI (9/19/16-4/19/17)
●    [ Volunteer opportunities ] Yale Girls’ Science Investigations (9/24/16)
See HERE for past news.