Carmen Dege, Political Theory, Yale University

Growing up in reunified Germany, Carmen Lea Dege experienced the importance of diversity in unity early on. Her subsequent visits and studies in Israel/Palestine, Syria and Egypt as a college student made her aware of the enormous difficulties in dealing with deeply entrenched conflicts, on which Europe, its wars and history of colonization had a considerable impact. Today she is a graduate student in Political Science at Yale University with a specific focus on religion, education and politics. She is particularly interested in questions of democratic plurality and secularism in a globalized world. Carmen writes her dissertation about the extent to which secular societies can bring questions of difference, meaning and motivation back into the public sphere after disenchantment has privatized belief structures leaving the public either depoliticized or prone to waves of radicalization as statistics about political engagement and the rise of ISIS show.

Department of Political Science
Yale University
Rosenkranz Hall
115 Prospect Street
New Haven

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