Bass Media Lab


IMG_2421The Bass Media Lab is a fully-integrated Media cluster where students can transform raw footage, stills, and audio collected on their own equipment (or on equipment rented through the Bass Media Equipment Checkout program) into fully-fledged media presentations.  The Lab is equipped with six brand-new iMacs with 27-inch graphics-optimized displays.  These machines feature specialized editing software, which includes the entire Adobe Master Collection as well as Final Cut Pro X, Audacity, Handbrake, and Sibelius.  Each machine is outfitted with a pair of Sony MDR-7506 Professional Headphones to enhance audio editing capabilities.

The Lab is staffed 6 hours a day by Media Techs trained to offer specialized support in media-related applications.  The Media Tech staffing schedule is available at


Additionally, students can set up an Expert Consultation in the Lab, which pairs a dedicated Media Tech IMG_2434Expert with a student, based on the nature of their project.  Experts act as resources throughout the duration of the project, offering equipment advice during pre-production as well providing support during the editing/post-production process.