The siratany initiative

April 2012: Initial visit of Bejio village and discussion to form the Women’s Association with Notahina.

The Bezà Mahafaly partnership is working closely with a newly created Women’s Association to increase production of culinary salt from salt-saturated soils (siratany). The women involved have produced siratany for many years and have now agreed to form an association and help in the development of a new stove to increase production efficiency. The initiative aims to develop a new source of support for community-based conservation at Bezà.

August 2012: Visit of the local Bezà Mahafaly team with AR and JR to the village of Bejio to create the Women’s Association and move forward with the siratany initiative.

October 2012: Visit of Mr. Ramampiherika and discussion with the local Women’s Association and the President of the Fokontany of Bejio about alternative ways to improve current cooking methods and conserve more wood in the production of siratany.

October 2012: The Women’s Association tries out a new and improved cooking stove that was built with Mr. Ramampiherika.