Canandaigua Workshop, NY – June 27-30, 2012

The Malagasy Flag flies over Lake Canandaigua at dusk, thanks to Marion Schwartz, who hosted the Workshop.

The Canandaigua Workshop was attended by Malagasy and US researchers with long-standing research interests in the sifaka population at Bezà Mahafaly.  Participants agreed to a system for making available information gathered up to now, updated one another on current projects, and brainstormed together about future work.

Workshop participants reach unanimous agreement! From left to right, Jeannin Ranaivonasy, Brenda Bradley, Alison Richard, Rich Lawler, Roshna Wunderlich; at the other end of the table – also with their hands raised – were Marion Schwartz and Diane Brockman. Joel Ratsirarson took the photo — with his hand raised!


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