Powwow Etiquette

This list of guidelines is for those that are unfamiliar with powwow culture so that we can maintain a respectful and courteous powwow. Please read the following list thoroughly.

  1. Always listen to the announcer for updates and for cues to stand or invitations to dance.
  2. Please stand and remove your hat during Grand Entry and other ceremonial songs and dances, if you are physically able to stand, to show respect for the dancers and flags. The M.C. will announce when it is appropriate to stand.
  3. Be courteous and ask permission before photographing or recording individuals at the powwow and respect their decision.
  4. The arena is a sacred space that should be respected. Children are not permitted to play in the arena. Do not cross through the middle of the arena. You are welcome to dance in the arena when the M.C. invites you. Those entering the circle should be respectful.
  5. Regalia is not a costume; it is an important part of cultural expression and identity. Do not touch or point at dancer’s regalia without permission.
  6. If an eagle feather falls to the ground from a dancer’s regalia, do not pick it up. Instead, alert the owner or a member of the powwow committee or staff. A short ceremony will be performed and all dancing will stop.
  7. Do not bring alcohol or drugs into the powwow grounds. The only exceptions are for offerings as gifts or as blessings. Smoking is considered disrespectful.

If you have any questions or are unsure about something, ask one of our Powwow Committee members. Thank you for helping make our powwow a respectful and courteous event for everyone!