Rhythmic Blue (RB)


Rhythmic Blue (RB) is Yale University’s first and only hip-hop and contemporary dance group. We were founded in 1991 by two undergraduate students and have had a steady following ever since, selling out most of our shows on campus. Though RB focuses on hip-hop, our members are allowed to branch out and perform any style of dance, from breaking to modern to contemporary African.

RB welcomes dances who have varied backgrounds and talents. As a co-ed, multicultural group, we value originality, diversity and creativity in our dances. RB holds two large shows per year, one at the end of each semester, to show off our newest choreography. RB also performs at various events throughout the semester, including charity events and the infamous Harvard-Yale showdown. We’re also looking to start taking part in competitions on the East Coast, so come join us if you want to be part of this exciting new phase in our history! For more information, please contact Hana Bendy or Rachel Ha.


RB Show History:

Spring 2016: "Throwback"

Spring 2016: “Throwback”


Fall 2015: “RBXXL”

Three's Company 2015

Family Weekend¬†2015: “Three’s Company”

RB Presents: "District RB"

Spring 2015: “District RB”


Fall 2014: “Prohibition”

Three's Company

Family Weekend 2014: “Three’s Company”

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