Dzana is Yale’s first and only Afrobeats dance group, which was formed in 2013. The group brings together dancers with different backgrounds to showcase present-day urban dance from across the African continent. The music ranges anywhere from hip hop to lingala to the more jazzy tunes. Together, we learn and showcase dance moves like the Azonto from West Africa, Pantsula from Southern Africa, Lipala from East Africa and Gnawa from North Africa. 

Dzana is a space where laughter and dancing come together and students celebrate the diversity and evolution of African culture. Join us for our performances and workshops throughout the year, and look out for our auditions at the beginning of each semester.

For any information on Dzana, contact the group president, Nodumo Ncomanzi.




Dzana Show History:

Spring 2016: "Afrogroove"

Spring 2016: “Afrogroove”

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